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World's First Total Off Grid Home Builder 

Rustin Signature Series

Rustin Industries partners with the most trusted solution providers to create the World's First Self Sustainable Tiny Homes and ADU 's.

Our  manufacturer California Tiny House has been building custom house since 2014. California Tiny house is one of the oldest Certified Builders in the Tiny Homes and ADU industry.

Our Rustin Signature Series is powered and built by California Tony House.

Solar Energy Solutions

Rustin Industries subsidiary 


Provides the  World's Best Solar companies to service RSS Tiny Home and ADU customers.

These companies includes:

Telsa Solar Solutions


Sun Power 


Sunshine Solar 

Rustin Solar Inc. CIGS (Coming 2022)

** Solar is a optional purchase

AKVO H2o Supply 

You’ve probably heard of this revolutionary technology before — Condensation.
Akvo AWGs makes water using their proprietary ground breaking air-to-water technology that creates unlimited, clean drinking water from air.

Rustin Industries Inc. is the owner  of Akvo H2o LLC and the partner of  Akvo Atmospheric Water Systems LTD.

Which will provide 50 to 500 Liters of drinkable water from air.

Akvo technologies come standard with each RSS home purchase.